Thermal insulation


The enclosure must prevent or at least reduce the transmission of temperature from the interior space on the outside and vice versa. It depends on its construction materials window frames, air retention and the type of glass. The above explains the heat insulation effect.

Before we continue to what thermal insulation means, and more specifically in aluminum frames lets give the basic elements of heat and of the temperature.

Heat – Temperature

Heat is “the energy that causes the movement of atoms and molecules” that are in any body. Increasing energy, by extension, causes heating while reducing cooling. The thermal state of a body and the its recording is called temperature.

Thermal Breakage

By this we mean the interruption of the heat transfer (thermal bridge) that is is achieved by separating the profiles into 2 parts and the intermediate addition of insulators materials (polyamide) that isolate the interior from its outer surface. So the heat transfer (or cooling) that passes from the outside into the interior is reduced. Today all the thermal insulated aluminum frames use this solution to achieve thermal insulation. The polyamide used as the predominant material has high performance in terms of mechanical strength, chemical treatments and thermal insulation. It offers the possibility of painting and its diffusion is similar to that of aluminum. The scale on which heat insulation is measured is 4108 and the coefficient is U. The thermal conductivity coefficient is used to characterize the flow of heat through a material or structural element. For materials this factor is defined as the amount of heat that passes every hour through 1 square construction element measure when the temperature difference of the immobile air is in contact on the two surfaces of the element is kept constant at 1 ° C.

The predominant conclusion is that the lower the value of the factor the more strong insulating is the element. Depending on the value of the factor, it is ranked category-based specification (GRUPPE). Note that the potential values of coefficients are not compared based on their absolute number (eg, coefficient 2.1 with factor 3). In fact, because of the calculation of the the approximation of the insulation of a frame with a factor of 2.1 with what has 3 is too long.

An important part of the optimal energy construction and management of a building is the technology and the quality of its frames, which are important part of his insulation. EUROPA PROFIL ALUMINUM SA in the context of the ongoing development effort of innovative aluminum systems, presents the Hybrid Systems Aluminum. Hybrid Aluminum Systems – A Combination Aluminum Profiles and Aluminum Profiles Special Polyamide Profile – are exclusively designed and manufactured for purpose efficient energy savings and consequently their significant contribution to the effective protection of the environment. Their use contributes to drastic reduction of the total heat transfer coefficient through the main window results in the reduced need for operating systems – heating or cooling – and its saving financial resources, both in the short and long term. The Rows EUROPA 3500, 5500, 6000, 990, 999 & 10000, which are classified as Hybrid Systems, cover the Energy Enhancement of Housing Program “Saving at home”.

EUROPA thermal insulation systems ensure energy efficiency shielding a building resulting in:

  • drastically reducing the emissions of the building by significantly improving its energy efficiency (reduction of the total heat transfer coefficient through the frame and consequent reduced need for system operation heating or cooling)
  • saving significant, not only energy but also economic, resources in the short and long term, by the drastic reduction of energy needs of the building. The qualified personnel of the company will inform you validly and responsibly about the energy savings achieved by the application of thermal insulation EUROPA frames in the specific building applications you are interested in.

In addition, the network of dealers and manufacturers using Aluminum Systems EUROPA is always on your side to help you choose the perfect solution for your every need!

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