It refers to the ability to block passage in its interior rainwater framing even under adverse climatic conditions.

At some points in the frame, moisture is allowed to enter and drained – because it is designed that way by its manufacturer.

The airtightness and watertightness of aluminum frames is based on quality and tailor-made sealing. A basic waterproofing point is appropriate sealing the joints created between the aluminum frame and the masonry, as building materials should not come in direct contact with it because may cause corrosion. The joints should be covered with acrylic stucco which is dyed and flexible enough to follow its contractions and expansions frames without creating cracks. Also, the joints between the different elements of the frame must be sealed with durable materials to be used surround the door without interruptions and will be easily replaced.

For this purpose sealing rings are used in the opening and closing systems brushes (seals) on slides, (other than sliding use tires to seal them) which are replaced by special ones elastic gaskets ensuring better airtightness in the system without block the movement of the leaves. Formulations such as silicone should not be used in places which are in direct contact with weather conditions, except in interior frames. The drain holes in the sheets and their frames frames are also an essential element for the system’s water tightness. For the prevention of rain water from entering the drain holes there are specially designed synthetic profiles that are protected.

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