Care and maintenance instructions for screens with crawler

συντήρηση για σήτες με ερπύστρια

Choosing the screen for your place is a relatively easy matter if we consider that everything has been taken care of by EUROPA. However, we also owe ourselves as everyday users of the sites to keep in mind some useful tips so our products last longer and to keep themas good as new ones. Maintenance and maintenance instructions assure good operation for crawler screens.

If the cloth comes out of the driver, open and close the screen carefully so that the cloth returns to the position.

To clean the cloth from dust, use a vacuum cleaner with gentle moves.

To clean the aluminum profiles, use a slightly damp cloth with water or some mild cleanser.

Depending on the use and at least twice a year, you should lubricate the rail sliding and track using the EUROPA silicone spray Crawler screens should not operate under windscreen conditions. In case that the screen is in an open position and catches wind try closing the window and not the screen to protect it. If the screen operates under wind pressure, it will clog the cloth in the wrong way and this will affect its proper functioning.

The EUROPA Flexa screen is specially made to detach its main body for easy storage and protection. If you have any questions, please contact the technician who has placed the screens. If you have installed multiple cloths at your home, it would be nice to note which matches where to facilitate repositioning.

In the event of a problem with the operation of the screen, contact the aluminum manufacturer who has made the installation. The screen is able to be detached from its position only by a qualified technician.

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