Replace: Seal your house and “open” the door to economy!

σπίτι, οικονομία

One of the main culprits for energy loss in our homes are old frames. Old windows and doors are the main sources responsible for heat loss during the winter season and loss of cooling during the summer, which according to studies may reach 35% *.

These losses can be reduced and a lot of money saved by individuals in the household budget, with the replacement of old window frames with new technology Aluminum Systems EUROPA. These systems are specially designed and specialized for replacements, with special profiles that come to cover the modern installation and installation requirements for both glazing and roller shutters, as well as coverage of old frames (especially of wooden ones).

At the same time, the EUROPA Aluminum Systems meet the requirements of the Regulation Building Energy Efficiency (ΚΕΝ.Α.Κ.), upgrading the energy class of the space and have strong heat-insulating properties and can be integrated into the subsidy Domestic Saving Program of the Ministry of Environment and Waters.

Replacing old frames with EUROPA Aluminum Systems, except for significant energy savings, offers every home:

  • Greater security
  • Sound insulation
  • Functionality
  • High durability
  • Minimum window maintenance
  • Improving quality of stay
  • High aesthetics

The network of dealers and manufacturers using EUROPA Aluminum Systems are always on your side to help you choose the perfect solution for each your need!

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